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 You say Armagh, and I see the hill
with the two tall spires or the square low tower;
the faith of Patrick is with us still;
his blessing falls in a moonlight hour,
when the apple orchards are all in flower.
(Poet   John Hewitt)

(Provisionally on Sunday 25 April)
Just about 5 miles outside the ancient City of Armagh, perched on a low hilltop sits the crossroads of Kilmore. 20th Century Irish Poet John Hewitt wrote about walking the lanes of Kilmore when visiting his grandmother here. A fertile land once a monastic settlement of the Culdees. Today during the apple blossom season these rolling hills are awash with the hues of pink apple blossom. A guided walk through the twisty lanes of this ancient landscape will not only allow you to enjoy the beauty of the apple blossom but learn a lot about life past and present in this ancient settlement.
Approx 4 mile round walk.

(Provisionally on Sunday 2 May)
Step out in the pretty Conservation Village of Loughgall and enjoy an interesting walk through its historical past. Today the grand entrance and leafy driveway to the Copes Manor House is quite the landmark of the village. The well known 18thC poet Jonathan Swift spent a lot of time with the Copes when in need of a break from Dublin. Leave the village behind and take to the lanes nearby to enjoy the panoramic views over the orchards. Identify the timeline of the apple tree as you guess the ages of the various orchards in view.
Approx 4 mile round walk.

(Provisionally on Sunday 9 May)
On the outskirts of Loughgall village tucked back in its farmyard sits Dan Winter’s Cottage. Take a step back in time and hear all about Dan Winter and this amazing traditional weaver’s thatched cottage. Leave the cottage behind and walk the steep hill known as The Diamond Hill only to discover more history and numerous orchards in blossom in sight.
Approx 3 mile round walk.

 Hello All
Some of you may remember me from my annual seasonal Apple Blossom Coach Tours around my homeland of County Armagh. These seasonal apple blossom tours started some 15 years ago!
Well with lockdown hopefully coming to an end soon I have put together three different walking routes around some lanes within my Orchard County.
At present it is difficult to finalise group walking tours due to the uncertainty around Covid 19 lockdown updates.
I am hoping however that revised regulations will be released shortly and I can run accordingly.
• My ideal group size would be 10 max.
• Suitable for family groups with children over 11 years old.
• Max of 4 hrs/tour
• Cost £50 per group 10 max.

Remember mother nature is responsible for when the blossom
appears and how long it stays!

Keep an eye on my website for updates or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on mobile 07740 511442.


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