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Have you got Irish Roots in Ulster?  Ever remember your grandmother or grandfather talk about their parents life?  Those who emigrated from this small island of Ireland to step into what was relatively the unknown.  Leaving the quiet of the countryside of Ireland and stepping into the noise of large foreign cities - daunting?  Eventually settling in regions similarly to what they left behind?  They were brave people - you should be proud to a part of that family.

As I travel around this old province of Ulster I am constantly reminded of those who left these shores and took the long risky journey to the "new world".  I see the remains of mud wall cottages mostly now incorporated into a modern farmyard but not always.  Many are roofless, walls tumbling down, chimneys gone and often the only standing thing is a lone tree at the gable wall!  Sometimes the old rambling rose bush still blooms and high banks escort a tree lined lane to this home. In the name of progress these old homesteads are fast disappearing and evidence of what was once a family home only remains in the naming of the large field now!

Townlands have disappeared from our postal addresses and small national rural schools are closed.

Why not come over and walk the land of your ancestors and celebrate their bravery among those of us who are the custodians of the land today.  We'd love to meet you, hear about your country and give you a hearty Irish welcome home.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 


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