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Travel memories make us smile. 2020 didn’t create many good memories but earlier years prompted great memories for me. The travellers with whom I stomped over the Giant’s Causeway Stones and puffed back up that steep walk to the Centre. The personal tours through the less well known areas of Northern Ireland into twisty long lanes in search of old townlands, old homesteads and graveyards.

We laughed, debated and shared our common interests in Northern Ireland. Hospitality has always been very important to us here and no journey would last too long without a wee break. Late in the evening after a long interesting and fun day we often shared a glass or two before bedtime.

I do hope you have a good catchup family time at Christmas with memories to share and discussion on when you bring the next generation to visit us here in Ireland.

I’m preparing for a lot of “the great outdoors” in 2021. We here are a hearty lot and down through our history we have learned to adapt and that is certainly what we will do best in 2021.

So when you sit among your family this Christmas let your dreams be of your favourite spot in Ireland and ponder when you will return to share it all again with those close to you this holiday season.

In the true tradition when travelling with Barbara we always make a vow together – to raise a glass to absent friends, new friends and those we have yet to meet at:
3 pm (GMT) on Christmas Day.
From Barbara

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