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Christimas Wishes from Barbara and All at Beechlodge Farm, County Armagh  - December 2022

Wishing you all far and wide a Happy Healthy Christmas 2022.  A big thankyou for travelling with me over the years.

Wishing you also a wonderful 2023 with lots and lots of travel. 

2023 bookings are already well in progress  are you in there yet?

28 October 2022


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One full week back at my desk........something I haven;t had from March!  It has been an amazing season.  Everybody catching up on their lost travel time over the previous year and my experience was of visitors so happy to finally get to visit Ireland.

The season has been a whirlwind of amazing visitors from all over the world.  Many from the USA; lots from Canada; coach groups from Scandanivia, enthusiastic visitors from Asia and humourous Australians.

Walking the stones of the Giant's Causeway with visitors never ceased to pour out the wow factor to all. 

Group dancing and singing around ancient Celtic sites created a sense of understanding ancient Ireland. 

Examining the meaning of the "murals" together helped weave a thread of understanding through "The Troubles".

Gentle walking along the edge of Ireland's cliffs and shoreline reassured all that yes we are an "Island". 

Following the twisty long lanes into the middle of farmland to enjoy an opportunity to chat over the fence to a local farmer; learn about his family and listen tentively to his beautiful use of local descriptive phrases.

Evenings spent tasting local ciders, craft beers, whiskey and gin created a friendly loud flow of conversation and laughter.  

Sharing my country and lifestyle with visitors is easy when you enjoy good chat.  Opening up chat with the locals either in the cities or countryside was the top highlight of the tour.  

Cathedrals, castles and characters all make for a good pot of discussion about an area.  Wooo our irish history is so rich in all of this.

Following ancestral footsteps around overgrown derelict homes, old outhouses, graveyards and long lanes taking time to pause and toast with local whiskey or a cup of tea to those ancestors who left this land and lifestyle many many years ago.

Searching and shopping for that something "local and special" to bring back home.

Sharing stories, folklore and indeed an odd song along our travels shortens the journey and all the while we are encouraged to "live in the moment".

Thanks to one and all for spending time with me in my homeland of Northern Ireland in 2022.

 Winter well as we say here and you never know where our paths may cross again.

Keep well.


Barbara (Biddy)

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